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DodgeBow: A Review

There is something to be said for the classics. Stories like Romeo and Juliet never get old. Bugs Bunny is still hilarious, and Pong is still an addictive game that is hard to put down once you start playing. But what helps keep the classics alive is not reincarnating them in the original form. No, what keeps them fresh and relevant is coming up with a new way for a new generation to enjoy and appreciate them. 

That is what the creators of DodgeBow have done. They have taken a classic game we all loved back in grade school and altered it to create an exciting new game—Dodge Bow. 

The Game 

DodgeBow has all the same elements of a classic game of dodge ball. Players are still split up into two teams. The idea in the basic version of the game is to be the last man standing for your team. If you are hit, you are out of the game. But if someone catches a projectile, you are back in, and the other person is knocked out.  

The major difference, and it is a big one, is the projectile that is used and how it is fired. Traditional dodge balls are not used. Special darts with padded foam ends are used instead. Players don’t throw them, of course. They shoot them from a bow. 

To start a game, the arrows are placed on a line separating the two teams. When directed to do so, players run up from their respective backlines, grab an arrow, and start trying to take out their opponents. They can retreat to a safer distance before firing, fire from as close to the line as they want, or from behind one of the obstacles. 

The Equipment 

If you can’t make it to Montreal to play a game at the official DodgeBow Center, their website lists DodgeBow Archery Games Kits for sale on their website. Each kit will contain the following: 

  • DodgeBow Raven premium ambidextrous Bows 
  • DodgeBow certified high-quality, safe 3-layers foam tipped arrows 
  • Head and Arm protective gear 
  • Inflatable obstacles and accessories 
  • Pair of 5-target stands 

Kits can be had for six, 12, 24, and 32 players ranging from $2995 for the six-player kit to $9150 for the 32-player kit (shipping included within Canada and the United States but for sale worldwide). 

Game Modes 

Like every other great game, there are different modes or versions people can play. The company website suggests people start out by playing a game of ‘No Loyalty’ as a warm up. During play, when a player is shot, he/she is not out of the game but instead crosses over to the other side. They switch teams! 

This way no one is ever out and can continue to get practice playing the game. The game ends when everyone is on the same side. Since the purpose of the game is to get practice, the staff suggests not hiding behind the obstacles. You can’t get knocked out of the game so who cares if you get hit?  

They also suggest players move around the playing field and attempt shots from all over. Go ahead and try to catch a few arrows too. Since you can’t be eliminated—why not? 

When everyone is ready to move on, there are several versions of the game they can choose to play. 


  • There are two ways to win: eliminate all players or knock down all five of their targets 
  • There are also two ways players can rejoin the game: teammate catches an arrow or when an opponent’s target gets knocked down. 
  • This version is great for practicing your aim either at moving targets (your opponents) or the five stationary targets. If someone is a particularly good shot, they can take out the targets and end the game quickly. 

Zombie Apocalypse: 

  • Mark a quarantine zone off on each end for the zombies. 
  • When a player is hit, they are not out. Instead, they become a zombie. 
  • When you become a zombie, you place your bow on the sideline and cross over into your opponent’s quarantine zone. 
  • To revive a zombie, teammates will attempt to shoot an arrow into the quarantine zone. If a zombie catches it, they may retrieve their bow and return to their team’s side of the game. 
  • The game ends when one team turns the other into zombies. But be careful retrieving arrows in the quarantine zone. If a zombie catches you, you become one too! 

Man down: 

  • Along with the traditional rules, each team has a medic. When a player is hit, they are not out of the game, but they are temporarily out of play.  
  • The medic, armed only with a shield, has the power to revive players after they are hit. 

Golden Arrow: 

  • Six golden arrows are introduced onto the playing field. When they are used, if they bounce off another player or target and hit another player, both players are out. 

Capture The Flag: 

  • Each team has three flags. The goal is to capture the other teams flags and bring them back to your base.  
  • Otherwise, traditional rules apply. 

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