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Top 5 Backyard Team Games

Games you can play in your backyard are always a lot more fun when you have more people. It isn’t always easy to find games to play with several people, which makes team games a great way to get everyone involved. 

Team games allow you to have tournaments to make things competitive and fun, and makes it easier for people new to the games to get involved. On this list, we talk about the five best backyard games you can play with teams.  

These games can be played using teams of two or more people and were chosen because of their simplicity and how entertaining they tend to be when played in teams. The games are not listed in any particular order. 


Cornhole is a great game to play in teams and a great choice for a tournament. It is very simple to play with the goal being to get your bean bags inside hole that is on a board or at a minimum get it on the board to score points. 

When playing in teams, each team member alternates turns after each round. One thing that is great is that when you are not the player throwing the bean bags you are on the opposite side and can help your team out by trying to distract the opposing player that is throwing the bean bags. 

Getting the bean bag in the hole scores you three points and on the board scores you one point per bag. Games are played to 11 or 21, and the points scored by each team in a round offset. If your team scores seven points in a round and the opposing team scores five points in the round you get two points for that round. This allows the game to be played with strategy to try and offset points. 




This game is great because team work will lead you to victory. You take two cans and set them 50 feet apart. Players on the same team stand at opposite sides. Once player throws a frisbee at the can with the goal of getting it inside. His teammate can deflect the frisbee into the can to score points. 

Game are played to 21 points. If the player throwing the frisbee gets it into the can without any assistance from his teammate then they score two points, but if his teammate deflects it in they get three points. It pays to be in sync with your teammate. The other way to score points is by getting the frisbee to go into the can through a slot that is in front it. This is so difficult that if you manage to get it in through the slot your team automatically wins the game. 




If you have a big sized backyard or a swimming pool then volleyball is a game you need to play. It is great because you can incorporate teams of 2 vs. 2 to 8 vs. 8. It is fairly easy to pick up and before you know you will be risking your body diving for a ball to keep the rally going. 

Games are normally played to 21 and the winning team must win by two points. The goals is to hit the ball over the net enough or in a spot that the other team can’t hit it back over the net to you. When this is accomplished the team that served gets one point. The serving team continues to serve until they can’t return the ball successfully, in which case the other team serves and is able to score points. The game really gets fun when a nice rally takes place and the ball is flying back and forth over the net. You are allowed three hits on your side of the net before having to hit it over.  

If you can play it in a pool you will have a lot more fun than just playing it on grass. You can dive freely without worrying of hitting the ground and hurting yourself. 

volleyball set

Relay Race

Relay races are great, although they require a bit more physical exertion than many other backyard games because of the running involved. The beauty of them is that if you can get creative you can play them with limited space, but they are always best with more space.  

You break up into teams of four or five or more. Multiple teams are okay, and you set the rules of the relay race. It can be passing off a baton, carrying a bucket of water, whatever your mind can dream up can be implemented into a relay race.  

The bucket of water relay race is great because you get buckets of water and drill a few holes on the side. You fill the bucket with water run across the yard and dump it into a container. You run back and hand it off to your waiting teammate and then do the same until the container of water is filled to the top. Everyone ends up getting wet and it also makes it harder having water spilling out of the holes. 

baton relay set



One of the best racquet games around to plays is Badminton. It doesn’t take up much space and is great when played 2 vs. 2. The goal is like tennis, but instead of hitting a ball over a net you hit the shuttlecock.  

The shuttlecock can’t touch the floor and must be hit over the net in one try. Once the shuttlecock hits the ground play is over and the team that last hit it over the net gets the point. Unlike other racquet sports, you do not have to be the serving team to score the point. The first team to reach a score of 21 wins the game.  

With the playing field being rather small you don’t need to move like lighting to play especially in teams of two and it is very simple to play with someone that has never played before. Often times people don’t follow specific rules and just focus on hitting the shuttlecock over the next. 

badminton set


Try any of these or all of them at your next gathering and you will have a blast. 

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