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How To Play: Roller Derby

Roller Derby is a contact sport in which two teams consisting of five players each roller skate in a counter-clockwise direction around a track. The event includes a series of short match ups or jams in which...

3 More Weird Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

In a previous article titled: 3 Weird Sports You’ve Never Heard Of we discussed Chess Boxing, Floorball, and Bossaball. This article will cover three more weird sports you’ve never heard of: Joggling Bog...

Your Guide to Roller Derby

What is Roller Derby? Roller Derby is a contact sport in which two teams of five skate against each other in short matches called jams. A player, which is called the jammer is picked by each team to try and...

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3 Weird Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

The world can be a strange place. That’s probably because humans inhabit it. And when humans gather to play, then it should not be surprising that they sometimes invent weird games. Here are five games I bet you never heard of: Chess Boxing...

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Most Interesting Sports in the World: Pickleball

There is an old saying that describes perfectly how the sport of came into creation—necessity is the mother of invention. The game was created one day during the summer of 1965 when three men in Washington, Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell, returned...

Eco Challenge: The World’s Toughest Race

The Eco Challenge was arguably the world’s most difficult race. It started in 1995 and was held annually until 2002. It was what is called an adventure race, which in short defines a race that is typically several hundred miles, although shorter...

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