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Kings Cup: Your Guide To the Best Drinking Game

Whenever there is a gathering with friends and acquaintances odds are you may be drinking some alcohol. Normally mingling and drinking leads to a good time. Drinking games can make things even more entertaining.  

Which drinking game is the best differs from person to person, but there are two things that need to be considered. How easy the game is to play and how many people can play at one time. Kings Cup is very easy to play and it can accommodate as many people as you want. 

It is a card game and normally one deck is good for six people if you have more you should use two decks.  

The game is very simple. Each card has a rule assigned to it. All the cards are flipped over so you can’t see them and they are spread across the table. A cup is placed in the center with a small amount of alcohol, typically a shot of strong spirit. Everyone playing must have a drink, it is better if everyone has different drinks. If everyone is drinking beer it is not as fun. 

The object of the game is to not select the last king in the deck. If you pick the first, second, or third king there is nothing to worry about, but if you pick the fourth king the game is over and you need to drink the cup that was placed in the center. It doesn’t sound too bad, but everyone that picked a king before you has to pour a little bit of their drink into the cup. Which means the person who picked the fourth king can be drinking a brutal mix. 

The rules of the cards are very fun, they get you to drink a little more and in some cases depending on the people you are playing with certain cards can get you to drink a lot.  

Here are the rules for the cards: 

Ace – Community 

The ace is the community card, every time this card comes up everyone playing must take a drink. 

Two – You 

This card right here will help you make enemies in the game that might start gunning for you. When this card is picked the person that did so, gets to select someone to take a drink. Choose wisely because they might try and return the favor. 

Three – Me 

When someone picks a three, they are only punishing themselves. The person who picked the card needs to drink. 

Four – Whores 

The name might be a little rough for this rule, but it means that all the ladies playing must take a drink. 

Five – Rule 

This is one of the best cards you can pick in Kings Cup. The person that picks it gets to make up a rule that needs to be followed until the end of the game. Normally the rules are done before or after taking a drink. Such as rub your belly before you take a drink. If the person fails to do so then they have to take another drink. This gets harder as more fives are picked because when there are four rules you need to remember, odds are you will mess up. If all fives are selected quickly then everyone is going to be in for a long game because as easy as it sounds most people can’t seem to remember one rule, let alone four when taking a drink. 

Six – Dicks 

This is the counterpart to four. All the guys drink. 

Seven – Heaven 

This is as simple as it gets. As soon as you see a seven raise your hand and yell heaven. The last person to do so has to drink. 

Eight – Mate 

This one here can be brutal, especially for those that don’t like to drink much. It also allows someone to be kind of a jerk to others. The person that selects the card gets to pick a mate to drink with. The person that they select must drink for as long as they do. If they can chug their drink for 12 seconds the person they picked needs to chug along for 12 seconds. 

Nine – Rhyme 

This one is fun. The person that picked the card starts by saying a word. The person to their right continues by saying a word that rhymes, and it keeps going around the table until someone can’t say a word that rhymes. That person then has to drink. 

Ten – Categories 

This is another fun one. The person that picks the card selects a category and they start it off. Then like with rhyme the person to the right has to say something that fits that category and it continues until someone can’t say something that belongs in that category and they have to drink. For example, if the first-person picks cars as the category and they start with Ferrari, the next person needs to say a type of car and so on. 

Jack – I Never 

When someone selects a jack, they must say something they have never done. Anyone who has done what the person says they haven’t done needs to take a drink. This is one way to target people, and it relies heavily on the honor system. 

Queen – Thumb Master 

When someone selects a queen, they become the thumb master. This person can place their thumb on the edge of the table whenever they want and how often they want. They do it discreetly and then as people notice this they must do the same. The last person to notice it and do it has to drink. The thumb master changes only when another queen is selected. That person that picked it becomes the new thumb master. This one tends to turn people power crazy as the thumb seems to rule all. 

King – Pour/Drink 

As explained earlier, the king can be harmless if you aren’t pulling the last king in the deck. If you pull one of the first three kings you simply pour some of your drink in the cup that sits at the center of the table, but if you pull the last king you must drink that cup. Depending on what everyone is drinking that can get pretty gross at times. 

These are general rules for the cards, but there are several rules that can be implemented for cards. It really depends on what you like. Another popular one for eight is waterfall. The whole table must chug, and the person that selected the card can stop whenever they want, but everyone else can only stop drinking when the person to their right stops. So essentially the power goes down the line because if the next person doesn’t want to stop drinking even though the person that started it stopped everyone needs to keep on going. 

Find the rules you like and build the game you want so you can really enjoy it. 

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